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12647554_486233544910562_2919974277763623530_n  12687909_486233574910559_1461621912623568036_n 12647008_486260071574576_2479288014793690932_n Thank you to all the participants who attended World Hijab Day in Singapore and Tokyo on 31 Jan 2016. Alhamdulillah, a total of 160 participants had registered, 50 of whom were non-muslims and muslim converts.There were so many non-hijabi / non-Muslim participants and all were so eager to try on the hijab that at some point during the workshop session, there wasn’t a single head which remained uncovered. Insha’Allah, we hope that everyone has benefited from this event, and realize the true meaning of hijab: a vessel of Islamic modesty and submission to Allah.
We are deeply humbled and grateful for all the support for our very first event, and we ask for your forgiveness for any shortcomings during the course of organizing this event. — The organizers in Tokyo and Singapore would like to thank the kind sponsors who have generously provided hijabs and da’wah materials: For Hijabs sponsorship: TudongPeople Japan (Japan) Airin Karina Ahmad (Japan) Myrah Marsya (Singapore) For Da’wah materials: Ustaz Zhulkeflee bin Haji Ismail Salaam Publication Chef Alper for the delicious şeker pare Many thanks also goes to: Tokyo Camii and Turkish Cultural Center, Aurus for agreeing to host us at their venue and providing much assistance throughout. And last but not least, we thank all the volunteers who have spent their precious time in organizing this event with us- Raina-san for helping us with taking such beautiful photos, Rashida-san and Ustazah Shameem Sultanah for sharing about the importance of Hijab in Islam, Tokyo Camii and Turkish Cultural Centre for being such wonderful and generous hosts, and the Befrienders Core Group (Singapore) for their generosity and willingness to go the extra mile for our participants. May Allah bless you abundantly! Jazakallahu Khayrun. Love, Meryem, Amna, Risa, Tasheen, Nur Arisa Maryam