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It has become necessary for the Supreme Council of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) to make the following statement in view of the queries by our citizens about the funeral services for the coup plotters who were killed during the failed coup attempt by the Gülen Terrorist Organization on July 15, 2016. The funeral prayer is a religious service performed by the Muslim brothers of a deceased believer. During this prayer Muslims pray for their deceased brother or sister, they bear witness to his or her deeds and declare their blessings. However in this case the coup plotters with their actions have violated not only the rights of individuals but the rights of all the nation thus they do not deserve the prayers and blessings of their Muslim brothers and sisters. For this reason Diyanet will not provide funeral services for those who have launched an uprising against the legitimate elected administration in the country, for those who have targeted the dignity of the state, who rained bombs on state offices led by the Parliament, who have unmercifully fired upon the people and in the process lost their lives. The funeral services of soldiers and security forces who have been forced to participate in the coup plot under force or threat, of those who found themselves in the midst of the events will be exempt from this application.
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