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In the name of Allah, the all merciful and the all compassionate.

The Honorable Leaders of the G20 Countries,

Welcome to our country. We are once again shaken with the terrorist attack in Paris as the pain of the massacre we suffered in Ankara a few weeks ago is still so fresh. It is my belief that no one else can appreciate this pain as much as we can. This attack is not an attack on France, on Europe or on the West; it is an attack on every human being that cherishes world peace irrespective of whether they believe in a religion or if they do believe in a religion what their faith is. As a person who belongs to a religion that exalts peace as a leading value and as the President of the Religious Affairs of Turkey who is in charge of religious services I would like to state that I am in a state of deep sorrow.  Above all I strongly condemn this attack with deep grief and I share the pain of the French people in particular and the family of humanity in general. Those who carried out this inhuman attack, those who steered them and those who used them as openly as a tool cannot have any respect for Allah, cannot have any feelings of loyalty to a community or be a member of a religion. Humanity has to once again take up all the paradigms that have convinced the terrorist organizations to fulfill their superficial goals though atrocities and terrorism.

Honorable Leaders,

These are the lands where humanity has prospered with belief, knowledge, philosophy and wisdom since the times when mankind came to life on this planet. The messages of Almighty Allah that was conveyed to humanity since Prophet Adam have come out from these lands. This is the geography which was the center where ancient civilizations and cultures were built.

You are the leaders of the select developed countries that set a course to the world with the values and cultures you represent and the destiny you seek to chart. The qualifications you possess, the power you wield, the economy you control and the political issues you steer increase the role you play on the destiny of each individual and thus increase your overall responsibility.

Today humanity is faced with a series of interventions and operations that disregard common moral values and the peace initiative we have all cherished. These have surfaced in the past few centuries with the regrettable applications despite all the scientific and technological advancements that are observed today.

We have to admit that we are confronted with a world design that will shake humanity from its very foundations. Exploitation, oppression, superiority, cruel and humiliating perception operations have totally destroyed the ancient rules that were supposed to bring man closer to man.

Arrogance, vanity and oppression that threatens the existence and survival of humanity, greed that has made it legitimate to violate the living space of others and efforts to stall the realization of common ideals has become the common problem of all of us irrespective of which office we hold. Acts of assassinations are being committed continuously in our basin of civilization through internal and external interventions led by terrorism.

The outcome of the chaotic situation that has been structured in a complex manner and is intertwined is destroying our vision of a future of peace and security in a stronger manner with every passing day. It is poisoning life through seduction.

The honorable leaders of the G20 countries cannot be aloof of the fact that millions of people throughout the world are suffering hunger and poverty. They cannot be deaf to the regional civil war and tensions that have increased the human death toll and has turned the Mediterranean into a graveyard of conscience and mercy. We should not be the only ones who ponder on how we ended up with this situation where the so-called “beatified militants” are exploiting religion for extremist purposes.

Honorable Leaders,

Those who govern the future of humanity should not forget that they also are the ones who carry humanity to happiness or to calamity. In the current situation people have become more dependent on the world and the pressures to turn them into monsters of consumption now have no boundaries. Human values have now become words in the books and egoism that disregards other human beings has prevailed. Nature which is our common home can no longer carry and sustain us.

Honorable Leaders,

The world belongs to all of us. We Muslims pray five times a day to the Almighty to steer us on the right path and help us search the right way and prevail on this course. Our requests as Muslims from the Almighty are shrouded in goodness. As members of a religion that opposes cruelty, which does not veer off from the path of justice, that opposes discrimination among human beings on ethnic and cultural lines and members of a religion who do not opt for such means we feel deep concern about the place humanity is being demoted.

It is understandable and even praise worthy that you go to great extremes to carry out your efforts for the supreme interests of your respective countries. However, today the problems faced by humanity do not only interest each of us but have to be taken up at the international level. We should not be the only ones who are asking the question which baby will lose his or her life in the crib tomorrow due to the arms race. We believe that with a little bit of effort from you nations that have been forced to accept hunger as a way of life and poverty as a culture can be salvaged.

Honorable Leaders,

As you are aware my country shelters more than 2 million refugees. The Mediterranean which you view from your hotel suites has become a grave for so many refugees. So many bodies of babies have washed ashore along with the conscience and compassion of humanity. I wholeheartedly believe that the bodies of babies that have washed ashore and the human remains of those who were killed at sea while trying to escape from bombs will stir your conscience and will turn them into one of the leading topics on your busy agenda.

With these feelings I wish Almighty Allah to bring salvation to humanity. I would like to stress that you should use your hearts as well as your minds to help improve the ill fate of humanity in view of your attention and responsibilities.

I pray to Almighty Allah that your gathering in our country creates a new circle in the winds of peace and salvation that has been generated from these lands throughout history and that decisions are taken at this summit for the benefit of humanity. I wish you success in your endeavors.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez

President of Religious Affairs of Turkey