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8e1df9df-e453-42e7-90a6-28fd3d17973f_l Dear Brothers and Sisters! The Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) was on his way with his companions to conquer Mecca. Sa’d bin Ubâde who was the flag bearer of the Prophet’s forces uttered the following words of vengeance “the day is the day of war and revenge. This is the day when Allah permits shedding of blood.” Hearing these words Allah’s messenger of benediction acted swiftly and took the flag from Sa’d and handed it to another companion. Then he turned and told his followers “the day is the day of compassion and mercy. This is the day when shedding blood is forbidden.” On the same occasion the Prophet as he moved with his army to Mecca came across a dog that had just given birth to puppies and was breast feeding them. He dismounted his camel and ordered one of the companions to stand guard over the dogs until the army passed and the dogs were safe. At that point he turned to his companions and addressed them saying “show compassion to all the creatures on earth so that those in the heavens show compassion to you.” Next Tuesday night as we enter Wednesday we will celebrate the Mawlid an-Nabi, the birth of our beloved Prophet (pbuh). I congratulate all of you on this occasion. I pray to the Almighty that all humanity follows the course of our exemplary Prophet. May the Lord never wipe away the deep love and affection we feel for our Prophet. May we never be spared of his exemplary course. Dear Brothers and Sisters! With his words loaded with wisdom and moderation the Messenger of the Almighty was giving humanity a lesson 14 centuries ago. He was screaming out loud that what is worthy of human beings is not to consume your heart with enmity, grudge and vengeance but to enrichen the soul with love, affection, compassion and forgiveness. It was this attitude and his actions that made our Prophet the source of benediction and the champion of supreme morals. He was the light that enlightened the path of human minds and souls. He was the messenger of good news. He gave the message that those who are real subjects of the Almighty, those who live and let others live the values of humanity will be blessed with great rewards. He was an energizer. He reminded human beings not to distance themselves from the Almighty, from natality, from morals and wisdom. Esteemed Brothers and Sisters! Our beloved Prophet (pbuh) who was the last chain of a string of prophets invited humanity to believe in a single Allah and only be the subject of thy Lord. His invitation to humanity turned death to life, turned cruelty to justice, ignorance to knowledge, unscrupulousness to compassion, enmity to peace. Humanity once again realized the reason, meaning and wisdom of creation thanks to him. His words became a message that merged human beings with their souls that put them at peace with themselves that meshed them with nature and brought them closer to the Almighty. Dear Believers! In the past whenever we as Muslims strongly embraced the messages of our Prophet, whenever we made an effort to live according to these messages or encourage others to live accordingly, then we became followers of the Prophet worthy of him. Whenever we let go, whenever we distanced ourselves from his teachings full of wisdom, whenever we disregarded his exemplary life that is when we lost our way and we suffered hardships as a nation of Islam. What lies behind the tough phase the Islamic geography is going through and the hardships suffered by humanity as a whole is the fact that the messages of benediction by the Prophet and his approach to the events of today and tomorrow have not been properly understood. What lies behind our hardships as Muslims is the fact that his invaluable exemplary behavior and teachings have remained in words and have not been enshrined in the souls and the minds. The reason for the massacres of innocent souls, for the bloodshed, the screams reaching the heavens in all four corners of the Islamic geography is because we have not been able to be worthy followers of the Prophet of Compassion. Brothers and Sisters! Our beloved Prophet taught us our responsibilities and duties as human beings and as Muslims. Yet at times we became prisoners of worldly affairs. Our beloved Lord the Prophet declared us brothers and sisters irrespective of our race, language, color, geographic location, who believe in the same Allah, who believe in the same Book, who believe in the same Prophet who bow together at prayers towards Mecca. However today we forgot the morals of brotherhood and we sacrificed this supreme and sacred value to ignorance, self-interests, bickering among ourselves and defiance. The Almighty sent us our Prophet with the message “we sent you as the source of benediction to the universes” and he taught us compassion, affection, conscience, fairness, forgiveness, patience and tolerance. Yet we lost all these values and could not display them to ourselves, to our family and to people around us. Our hearts hardened. We could not be worthy of the great values placed in our hearts from creation. Our Prophet taught us justice. However, we only thought justice is something that other people need. He taught us to grab on to life even at the hardest times, how to face being lonely and being an orphan, how to create hope out of hopelessness and create solutions in times of deadlock. However, whenever we experienced hardships we were lost and we accused fate. Our Prophet taught us to be the guardian of the lonely and the deprived, be the hope for the oppressed, provide shelter for the homeless. Yet we just could not subdue our desires and demands. Brothers and Sisters! Today we need the calls loaded with wisdom, compassion, conscience, justice, righteousness and the truth rather than the calls for vengeance, hatred and shedding blood. Today we are in great need of the drops of benediction that will enliven our hearts that have been hit by drought and we need our souls to be reconquered. Today we need more than ever to view humanity with his sight and feel the pain and sorrows with his heart. Today we need very dearly to take his teachings as guidance, to regain morals with his morals, and his attitude and actions to protect ourselves from evil. May all our salutations, greetings, feelings of affection and respect go to our beloved Prophet (pbuh), his companions and all those who follow his path.